We invite you to embark on a journey toward becoming a stronger disciple of Jesus and creating stronger disciples of Jesus.

The Journey

The Discipleship Journey is built with 3 different tracks to serve people at different points in their spiritual lives.
Use the descriptions and phrases below to choose which track you best identify with.
However, you may find a course being offered in another track that greatly interests you.
Feel free to jump in and out of tracks as you grow.    

The Journey is designed to be completed in 3 years by completing approximately 3 courses each year.
However, we believe that whatever you complete will benefit you and your spiritual walk, so participate as your schedule allows.

The Journey focuses on 3 areas of growth: Spiritual Competency (SQ), Emotional Competency (EQ), and Cultural Competency (CQ).

Journey 1.

Journey 1 is for those who may be newer to their faith or simply feel they haven’t engaged much with
Scripture, prayer, doctrine, or other spiritual practices and want to learn more about implementing them.
Someone in Journey 1 may identify with the following statements:
I am a new believer
I want to read my bible and pray but don't know how
I want to share my faith but need help doing so
I want to find freedom from my life before Christ

Journey 2.

Journey 2 is for those who feel they have a good spiritual foundation but want to deepen their relationship with
God, strengthen their spiritual practices, and be a better witness of the Gospel.
Someone in Journey 2 may identify with the following statements:
I want to go deeper in the Bible
I want to grow in my prayer life
I want to be an ambassador for Jesus at home an in the workplace
I want to operate in the calling God has placed on my life

Journey 3.

Coming Soon!

Journey 3 is for those who are strong in their faith and want to be better disciple-makers.
Someone in Journey 3 may identify with the following statements:
I want to lead others in the church into a deeper relationship with God
I see my business as a ministry opportunity
I want to be in vocational ministry