Every year we receive an offering, above and beyond our usual tithe, that benefits organizations on mission to make a difference in our city, nation, and world. This year, we are putting all of our efforts into one big project! Take a look below to learn more about this years project!
We will be receiving the Make a Difference offering on Sunday, December 12th. You can give in person or online. 
All gifts will be matched by a generous donor up to $50,000.

In a remote village on the Amazon River

a young woman named Sofia was struggling with an infection in her eye due to an accident.  The infection had become life-threatening because of how isolated she was from any clinics or hospitals. Medical Ministry International brought a small boat with the life-saving personnel and treatment she needed.  

Patients in the Amazon region are nearly impossible to reach, except by river.  A hospital boat is absolutely vital to the future health and spiritual transformation of people living in secluded communities across Peru, Brazil and Colombia.  Your gift will partner with Medical Ministry International to build and deploy a  hospital boat bringing health and hope to the isolated people of the Amazon.


More than 280 indigenous communities in the Amazon don’t have access to basic health care or the message of Jesus.

You can help save and change lives.
Yes, you.
You can help us build a boat.

Build a boat that brings hope.

We are excited to announce that we are building a hospital boat. This  will expand MMI Amazon’s health care services of primary, medical, dental, nutrition, and vision screening programs.  In addition, they will now be able to provide ophthalmological consultations and surgeries, ambulatory surgical services and have accommodations for personnel and teams in even more remote regions.

All gifts will be matched by a generous donor up to $50,000.
Be sure to join us for our Colombia Benefit Golf Tournament on April 21, 2022.