LH Youth

LH Youth is our ministry to 6th-12th graders. Our hope as your students participates in this ministry is that they would grow to
know who they are, who God is, who their people are, and how to engage in the world.
We have multiple opportunities for your student to get involved in LH Youth!

Invite Night 
Join us the first Sunday of the month from 5pm-8pm for Invite Night! We want to start off the month with fun and connection with each other.  We'll have food, games, worship, and a message geared towards reaching middle schoolers and high schoolers! Your student will have an opportunity to meet leaders and peers!

Small Groups
On Wednesdays from 6:30pm-8:30pm on the second, third, fourth, and fifth week of the month we meet at the church for small groups! This is a time for diving deep into conversation about the Bible and how it applies to your student's life. Our hope is through these conversations that your student builds meaningful relationships with peers and leaders!

Pop Ups & Events
We'll meet up for a "Pop Up" event, such as going to Whataburger for fries, or MOD for pizza! This is a low key gathering time to bump in with leaders and students.

Occasionally, we will go out as a group for a fun event such as laser tag or a night at the movies. This is a time of fellowship for us to connect with one another, and have some fun! Check out our upcoming events on our Lifehouse Events page or our social media for more information.

Worship Team
Our LH Youth Worship team meets on Thursday nights from 6:30-8pm to learn what it means to be a worship leader and grow musically for worship team. This team leads worship for our monthly invite night. For more information about our LH Youth Worship team email [email protected]
All pastoral staff and volunteers working with LH Youth, ages 18 and older, have passed a criminal background check prior and character reference before receiving a “green-light” to serve. Leadership is given opportunity for continuing education around serving this population and subjected to frequent reviews to be proactive in nature.

Get Involved
This is not the age bracket to withdraw from, but rather to press into. While your student may ask for some space for independence, there is always another looking for a positive role model. Our leadership team is always looking for a diverse range of age and backgrounds, rooted in Christ, to serve alongside us in this exciting community of faith. Consistency, grace, and continuous affirmation of these young adults outweigh any inadequacies you might feel.
We’re always happy to talk with you in person on Sunday to answer more questions.

To learn more about serving this age group, email Pastor Ryan at [email protected]

Christ centered Identity - Know who you are
Each student would  embrace their God given identity, along with gifting and unique calling.

Spiritual Formation - Know who God is
Each student would understand apply spiritual disciplines and living out biblical values.  

Meaningful Relationships - Know who my people are
Each student would seek out Christ centered relationships in their life circle.

Wise and Honoring Choices -  Known how to engage in the world
Each student would apply humility and teachability  to make wise and honoring decisions for their life.