21 Days of Prayer is an opportunity for us as a faith community to seek the Lord, asking what He is speaking to us this year.  Our hope this fall is that you and your family dive deeper into your relationship with Jesus through prayer. Take a look below for opportunities to participate with us during these 21 days.
21 Days of Prayer begins on August 7th and goes until August 28th, 2022.
Join us for prayer on Thursday evenings at 7pm at the Church!
Every Thursday at 7pm our Prayer Team meets in the church sanctuary for a time of worship and prayer. Join us for this special time of prayer over our church during 21 Days of Prayer.
Read and Reflect with Us!
Join us in reading the daily scripture readings and reflections as we journey through 21 Days of Prayer together! We encourage you to download the Pray First app, which includes prayer guides, playlists, and a prayer list for you to use during these few weeks of prayer. We will have a few booklets available at the welcome center for those who may prefer a paper copy.

If you have questions about how to include your kids in 21 Days of Prayer, email [email protected].

You can pick up a booklet at the welcome center beginning August 7th. A booklet for kids will handed out down the hall on August 7th.

You can download a digital version below!


Whether you’re a seasoned intercessor or a first-timer joining a biblical fast, you will be refreshed and inspired by this collection of resources that focuses on why Christians fast and pray. Additionally, these materials offer practical tips for safe fasting as well as time-tested encouragement for releasing the power and presence of God.

Prayer Is Invading The Impossible

by Jack Hayford

How to Pray: A Simple Guide for Normal People

by Pete Greig

Fasting: The Ancient Practices

by Scot McKnight

Podcast: Feasting & Fasting

by the Bible Project
Fasting: The Feast That Frees
by Jack Hayford
Podcast: Benefits of Fasting
by Corey Russel
Fasting: A Centre for Pentecostal Theology 
by Lee Roy Martin
Video: The Power of Praying God's Word
by Beth Moore