Realife Youth

ReaLife Youth is our ministry for 6-12th graders.

We meet on Sunday evenings from 5-7pm at Lifehouse Church

Where can you meet new friends, play games, and learn about the Word and being led by God’s Spirit?  At Realife Youth, of course!  Realife is open to 6th to 12th graders, and we meet every Sunday from 5-7pm.  Come hang out with us!  And bring a dollar for pizza!

Our focus at Realife is to train the next generation to strengthen their relationship with Jesus through His Word and His Spirit. Our evening begins with games and youth-led worship, followed by a message and caring small groups where students can open up.  We welcome every student, no matter what school you attend, what you look like, or what you believe. We’re committed to showing the love of Christ to everyone who walks in our doors!

A Word from the Youth Director

Dear Parents (and teens who have read this far),

When I stepped into this role of Youth Director, I asked the Lord for a vision for our teaching and our purpose in Realife.  He gave it to me in an ABC format--which I love because I was an English major!).  

Here is our Realife Mission Statement:

A: Above all, LOVE  (1 Corinthians 13; Galatians 5:6)

- Our team and our students commit to treat each other with the love of Christ in every interaction.  Our atmosphere is one of Christ’s love, above all else.

B: Be prepared with Scripture and the Spirit (John 4:23, 2 Timothy 3:16)

- Our goal is to prepare our students for godly lives by learning Scripture and walking in the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  

C: Christ the Center (Colossians 1:15-18)

- Everything we say or do should point to Jesus Christ.  He is our Savior, our Shepherd, and the foundation on which we build our lives.

I’m excited and honored to lead this team of youth leaders who have such a heart for God and for these students.  And I’m equally delighted and impressed with these remarkable young people every week.  If you have any questions about this ministry, please don’t hesitate to email me:

Above all, LOVE,

Anna Ochoa 

Realife Youth is a ministry of Lifehouse, a Foursquare Church.  If you would like to read about our church’s history and beliefs, click here.

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