Lifehouse Preschool

Lifehouse Kids Day Out & Preschool Program

Exists to help children grow like Jesus did…Spiritually, Intellectually, Physically, & Socially

Lifehouse KDO is our weekday preschool ministry at Lifehouse Church. As an outreach to our church and community, we offer the highest standards in teaching and caring for your children.  We seek Jesus in all we do to provide a loving, happy and secure environment for our KDO kids! We recognize that each child is a special creation of the Father God who has been uniquely gifted to impact the Kingdom of heaven both now and in the future.  Therefore, each child will be cherished, respected and taught with this in mind!

Our first job here at KDO is to love and connect with the kids. When they know they are loved, safe and encouraged, they then can establish relationships and go & grow! Our KDO staff includes certified elementary school teachers and experienced preschool teachers who love the Lord and love the kids. Our staff is continuously training in early childhood education as well as spiritual development. Lifehouse KDO is licensed by the state of Texas as a childcare facility. We choose to keep our standards of excellence in childcare in line with and above the states’ minimum standards.  

Spiritual growth is at the core of all we do at Lifehouse KDO. We are very intentional about integrating our bible curriculum as part of our core curriculum. This cross-curricular approach allows us to weave the scripture into our whole child approach of teaching, learning and playing!
Our academic curriculum is designed for kinder readiness aligned with the NEISD guidelines, including reading, writing, music, art, science, math and literature, social and emotional development, physical health and nutrition.
By pairing both Bible-based and academic curriculums, our graduating students are ready for kindergarten, and more importantly, they are prepared for a lifelong, joyous relationship with Christ.

Specials: In the daily schedule, we have a “specials” class each day of the week:

CHAPEL -  Praise & worship, bible lessons, prayer taught in fun and age appropriate ways with our Bible curriculum created especially for  our preschoolers in mind.
STEAM –  Exploring God’s world through Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math
MUSIC and MOVE! -ment  – Motor and coordination skills, instrument use with a variety of music, all connecting body movement, rhythm & awareness, including physical health and awareness.
WATCH ME GROW – Growing in God’s world: our food, our bodies. Farm to Preschool initiative with gardening, nutrition, caring for our health and how it all works together.

Special Events: Our Events are “in house field trips”, fun extras we do with the kids on a regular basis. We correlate them with their scheduled learning themes, our community, or holidays.

Lifehouse KDO program is from children, 2-5 years of age. (2 years of age by Sept. 1)
Two year olds: 2 or 4 days per week. Mon/ Wed or Tues/Thurs or all four days, M-Th.
Three and Four year olds /PreK: 3 or 4 days per week. Tues thru Thursday, 3 days.
Monday thru Thursday, 4 days.

School Days & Time:   
MON, TUES, WED, THURS:  9 a.m. - 2 p.m.
EXTENDED CARE: Early Bird: 8 a.m. -  9 a.m. and/ or After School Stretch: 2 p.m. -  3 p.m.

Sunday Mornings


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